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THUNDER – pubblicano il secondo singolo “Going To Sin City”

Scritto da il Gennaio 15, 2021

Gli inglesi THUNDER pubblicano oggi “Going To Sin City”, il secondo singolo estratto dal nuovo album “All The Right Noises” in arrivo il 12 marzo 2021 su BMG. Il brano è disponibile a questo link:
Disponibile anche il link del relativo lyric video che sarà presentato in anteprima sul canale YouTube della band alle ore 18:00 di oggi:

L’album è un ritorno in pompa magna dei THUNDER, con la loro trentennale carriera ricca di successi e da sempre in prima linea nella scena rock britannica, il tutto costruito attorno all’amicizia dello straordinario cantante Danny Bowes e del genio/compositore Luke Morley. “All The Right Noises” è stato registrato durante i mesi antecedenti al primo lockdown causato dal Covid-19 con pubblicazione inizialmente prevista per settembre 2020.

Di seguito artwork e tracklist:

1. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights
2. Destruction
3. The Smoking Gun
4. Going To Sin City
5. Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die
6. I’ll Be The One
7. Young Man
8. You’re Gonna Be My Girl
9. St George’s Day
10. Force Of Nature
11. She’s A Millionairess

“All The Right Noise” sarà disponibile in CD2LP2CD e 4LP. Questi ultimi due formati conterranno bonus track mentre la versione LP avrà un packaging con pop-up del “Singing Ringing Tree”, la scultura che appare nell’artwork dell’album fotografato da Jason Joyce.

On the song, guitarist and songwriter Luke Morley says:  
“It’s based on the first time Danny [Thunder vocalist Danny Bowes] and I went to LA in the late-80s. 
We were used to the music scene around Soho, and thought we were cool. In LA I felt like I was the bloke who’d come to fix the plumbing. Before bands like Guns N’ Roses rock’n’roll was pretty much denim and leather in Britain. Danny and I were determined to bring all that colour and sex and fun to the new band we were forming, which became Thunder.”

“All The Right Noises” follows on from 2019’s stripped back and reimagined album, “Please Remain Seated” which continued their consecutive Top 10 UK Album Chart run since their ecstatically received comeback six years ago.
It is another chapter in the band’s incredibly successful history that has seen them create a succession of some of the most highly-regarded rock albums of the past 30 years. The key to their renown: brilliantly conceived top-drawer material including all-time classics like ‘Dirty Love’, and ‘Low Life In High Places’, described by the late great Radio One Rock Show presenter Tommy Vance as “the greatest ever single released by a rock band”. 
With their most recent success, Thunder have proven themselves as vital now as when they emerged with their debut album in 1990 ‘Backstreet Symphony’, and their hit follow-up in 1992 ‘Laughing On Judgement Day’, which was only kept off the top spot by Kylie Minogue.

THUNDER online:

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