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Battle Of The Bands ENG

This is the page where bands can sign up for the weekly battle that MMR will carry out in every month of the year!!!

KALAHARI are the Band of the Month for November 2021.

Who will win the next week?
Who will be the band of the month for December?


Every week, at the end of this page, a competition will be open to bands to submit their music. Listeners can vote for their favourite band, starting on Sunday and finishing on Friday.
Each band will get a score in the ranking list and the Weekly winner will be shown at the end of the week.
At the end of the month all votes will be counted and the band with the highest count will be crowned “Band of the Month“.

In addition, all songs will be included in a Spotify playlist called Battle Of The Bands.

Rules to participate:

All Metal bands from all over the world are allowed to participate.
Registration is completely free.
Applications for the Battle of The Bands must be sent to Metal Maximum Radio via the e-mail address: ​[email protected]

The e-mail must contain :

  • Band’s biography
  • Link to YouTube channel
  • Links to social networks
  • Contact details
  • High quality pictures and logo of the band
  • At least 3 songs in mp3 320 kb
  • EPK

There are no registration limits, each band can compete every week.

The band declared winner of the week will be published on the Metal Maximum Radio blog, played and announced on all the radio shows obtaining thousands of plays!

At the end of each month we will calculate the scores of all the bands and the band with the highest score will be awarded the title “Band of The Month” . This recognition entitles you to a series of privileges:

  • Picture of the band used as a cover image of the MMR Facebook page
  • Sponsorship on the first page of with about 20,000 views per month.
  • Sharing the EPK information material of the band with main web platforms specializing in metal music, metal radio station, record labels, online magazines etc.
  • AirPlay every hour on MMR during general rotation and maximum social sharing of the radio.

The band proclaimed “Band Of The Month” will be allowed to re-register after twelve (12) months from it’s victory.

Click on the bands below to register your vote. You can vote as many times you like. You can also register your own band, using the link below!

This Week’s competition will be open from 12:00 on sunday until 23:00 on Friday!!!