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Subsound Records To Release Upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE Album “Violence Unimagined” As Limited Tape Edition!

Scritto da il Aprile 2, 2021

Subsound Records To Release Upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE Album “Violence Unimagined”As Limited Tape Edition!

[Photo by Alex Turner]

In cooperation with Metal Blade, Subsound Records has announced an exclusive, limited Tape edition of the upcoming Cannibal Corpse album, Violence Unimagined, set to be released on April 16th!

The album title already tells you everything you need to know about Cannibal Corpse’s fifteenth hellish opus. Comprised of eleven brutal tracks, Violence Unimagined is state of the art death metal played with passion and breathless precision, making for another flawless addition to what is inarguably one of the premier catalogues the genre has thrown up.

It really follows the path we’ve been going down for a few years now,” states bassist and founding member Alex Webster. “I think we approach the writing in a similar way most every time: each of us try to write the heaviest, most memorable songs we can. We want each song to have its own identifiable character. Showing my age, I like to say you can ‘drop the needle’ on any point of one of our albums and quickly tell which song you’re listening to.

While they continue to do what they do with aplomb, the one substantial change to Cannibal Corpse is the addition of guitarist Erik Rutan to their ranks, joining Webster, founding drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, guitarist Rob Barrett and vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Known for his roles in Morbid Angel, Ripping Corpse and most notably fronting the mighty Hate Eternal, Rutan has long established himself as one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary death metal. Simultaneously, he has built up a reputation as one of the most in demand producers in metal, having previously produced four Cannibal Corpse albums (in addition to Violence Unimagined), alongside the likes of Goatwhore, Soilent Green and Belphegor. Filling in live on guitar since 2019, in 2020 he became a full member, contributing to the writing process. 
Already well known for the level of extreme technicality they bring to every record, on Violence Unimagined, Cannibal Corpse have further upped their game, particularly in Mazurkiewicz’s drumming. “I think we all pushed ourselves a bit technically on this one, with Paul probably pushing the hardest. This album is probably the most drum-intense album we’ve done yet. Part of that could be a result of Erik joining the band. His song writing style often features technically challenging drumming, probably owing to his years of experience in high speed death metal.” And with typically dark and warped lyrical content, Mazurkiewicz came up with the fitting title of the record, “summing up what the band is about in every facet, and taking violence to another level of extremity.

Violence Unimagined will be released on April 16th through Metal Blade, while the Italian powerhouse underground label Subsound Records is proudly licensing the album as a highly collectable, limited Cassette edition.

Subsound Records is stoked to announce that we will be releasing Cannibal Corpse’s new album “Violence Unimagined” on cassette on April 16th!“ Says the label CEO. 
It’s their first record in almost four years and we are extremely proud to be a part of it. 
We would like to thank both Metal Blade Records and Cannibal Corpse for giving us the opportunity to be involved with such an amazing release.” 

The limited run of 2000 Tapes, distributed worldwide, will be available in the following editions, all in standard J- Card + 5 panels:

500 – Black box and black solid shell, silkscreening 
350 – Red box and red solid shell, silkscreening 
300 – Box transparent and green sage solid shell, silkscreening 
300 – Box transparent and yellow solid shell, silkscreening 
200 – Box transparent and toxic green transparent shell, silkscreening ( Tapehead City Exclusive )
200 – Box transparent and yellow slime solid shell, silkscreening
150 – Box transparent and white solid shell, silkscreening ( Subsound Exclusive )

Pre-Order your copy of this MUST-HAVE Tape, one that belongs into every well-sorted Cannibal Corpse record collection, at THIS LOCATION!

Violence Unimagined Tracklist:
1. Murderous Rampage
2. Necrogenic Resurrection
3. Inhumane Harvest
4. Condemnation Contagion
5. Surround, Kill, Devour
6. Ritual Annihilation
7. Follow the Blood
8. Bound and Burned
9. Slowly Sawn
10. Overtorture
11. Cerements of the Flayed

Cannibal Corpse Line-Up:
Alex Webster – bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – vocals
Rob Barrett – guitar
Erik Rutan – guitar

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